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The joyful, open expectancy of my heart – sweet life – it is this tender, living childlike wonder that has grown so joyful and lovely within me.  This is such a sacred amusement, a holy mystery to find here. I am enchanted with myself, my world, and the magic of love it all is.   This little girl I used to be, she has come back to me. She is my heart, the luminous light of my soul.  Oh yes, she came back to me. She takes me, guides me through this world now. She does something to me. I don’t know how she does this, but, everything sparkles in this fresh new light of the...

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It rained last night. I love the rain. Something about the sound of rain, its divine melody, like music, seems to soothe, to fill me with this gentle peace and touches me with love. Sounds, feelings, the smell of the cool, wet, night air when it rains. The air filled with moisture and the fragrance of the earth soaked and imbued with the waters. This touch of rain on my face. Letting my heart run free, I am the giggles of splashing feet, I am the delight of a child, uninhibited – little yellow boots dancing in the puddles. Sweet joy of my soul.  I listen to the rain. I am alive with...

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Finding, or reclaiming the sense of our own unique, individuality is the surest way to rid this world of corruption, inhumanity and savagery.  We could even restore entire countries by way of the power of the individual – single, alone and only.  Self discovery is the key. One by one, from the heart, alone, we make this personal discovery of our real identity and live it.   I also know that the source of authentic individualism is love. Love, in the highest form, is the living joy of  being wholly ourself. Through a change of heart, we find ourself in direct communion, moving with the...

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Such wonders. I am always surprised by this joy. This mystical heart of mine, it smiles at science and plays with theology while undermining them both. Here, in my heart, it all comes together in this alchemy of honesty and love, a beauty beyond the rationalist’s limits. Such joy to know that there is an eternal soul and it is childlike and pure, light and free, fearless, bright and joyful. It is love and love never dies. It is light, and light if everlasting. This from poet Shelley; “Let us recollect our sensations as children.” Yes, alive with this love that moves me. I...

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Sky Rockets

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Sky Rockets  – Excerpt from my book “Barefoot at Heart”  That’s how beauty meets beauty on the way to nowhere. One night, in rushed all this sweet, unsolicited magic. It was inevitable, but I didn’t know that at the time. That’s how it happened, he was a rocket scientist, just knocking on my door late one night for reasons unknown. I opened the door. He asked me to come outside and watch him light the night sky. I did — — and he did. He lit them all, a thousand bursting rockets – and I watched those flashing, sparkling trajectories blow,...

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Desert Night

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The vibrations of heaven play in my mind. I hear harmonic tunes turning me into living poetry as I am painting love songs on the canvas of the sky. You merge into me, like music, as my words move you in melodic sounds touching your heart with the soft, silky, quiet breath of love. I feel the heat touch me. I am willing, as the wind unbuttons my heart and blows me into bliss. You came along, slipping, easing slowly into my heart, awakening these forgotten delights, like smooth, pink ice cream, melting into dreams, dreams written thousands of years ago, unwrapped here, now, as gifts from...

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