Mysterious Knowing

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I am not a mind reader, though I seem to have been born with a bit of gypsy in my soul. I am delighted by the wonders of God’s amazing mysteries. I can see, feel, know the unseen visions that are certainly not to be discarded as impossible things. Nothing is impossible. Nothing.   Seeing the unseen depths of the Divine Mystery, is a gift that comes to surface, into this tangible world. We find the pure and childlike visionary because past, present and future are always here at once. Time, distance, here and there, what was, always is – it’s all here within the Mind of God,...

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My Way

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In all matters that play out on this worldly scene, I will go with love. It is the only answer. I’ve never had a problem wherein love was not the answer. Wherever it leads me, I follow love. I’ve no interest in competition. I don’t compete. I am free. I will do it my way. This view from the peak of this mystical mountain, is wide and vast and all inclusive. There is no competition here. The soft whisper of love reminds me that no one and nothing is outside of this infinite self I am. I am standing on top, I see the light of my own heart from here. It is all myself, one self I see, all...

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Song In My Heart

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In the end, all the words being spoken and written in the name of Truth are as nothing compared to our own experienced interface with Reality—inside and outside. We’re all living this divine interface with Reality, weather we know it or not. Isn’t that remarkable!? That’s the superlative love, touching what is always here. It makes me smile –...

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 I have leaped playfully into this life of mine. My heart is uncensored, without rules, unrestricted and untied from all the human mental constructs. This is quite the magic. I want to see what happens. Here, now trusting in the sweetness of this world that touches me, this divine magic leads me through, on the path of love. This  heart leads and shows me the way of real love, unbound and beautiful, filled with the vital spirit of creation and divine intelligence.  Vulnerable in the divine, I feel the rush of life, like a surging love song that moves my body into rhythm and sway. This is the...

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A Simple Note

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  A little excerpt from my book Barefoot at Heart Since I have made the trip, I can now venture out into the deep any time I feel like it. I know what’s there, I know the sea, I know the depths and endless infinity of it all. I found the new lands of ancient myths and fantastic discoveries.  I know this too, I know this most assuredly, God sails here in my boat with me, silver moon light covers us, I am not alone. It is me, my heart and you My Love. We three are one. We are the Holy Trinity sailing on this infinite sea of Love. Sailing this ocean blue, vast without end, far, far away we go....

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Bike Riding

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  The genuine light of liberation and illumination comes with the discovery of the Child. The Child is our soul, our original self. Our one sweet, true selfhood. We could call it the Child because it is pure, pristine and unconditioned. It is our self before we began our life here in the world.  The true identity can be uncovered and set free to live again, here in the world and fully here in the world.  When we rediscover our heart, our soul, the real of us, we come alive. We feel like we did when we were children. We feel like we’ve come home. And by the very living of it, it proves...

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