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Piano – Sandy Jones

How beautiful the mystical mysteries of Life. It is a rich and bountiful universe. The Infinite Life we are includes every person, place and thing in this tangible universe. Life cannot be diminished. This Life we are is the unlimited holy Light that is being all things. There is nothing to fear, after all, Life includes everything within Itself. Everything—from the bright colorful butterfly flitting through the flowers as the cool breeze blows through the tall grass – to the Pleiades, and every star in every galaxy that exists — from every sound, every song, each note that has ever been heard, to every smile that has ever sparkled with love’s light in our eyes. As we let go of the old limited sense of identity, we find Life is right here, always here, unharmed and unchanged by the appearances of time and matter. This is the Living Beauty and flowing bounty of God’s Being. Now we are consciously aware that the Ineffable Isness of God, Reality, is the only possible Identity that actually exists and is, therefore is being this Awareness-I-am here and now. There is no other we can be. We are the Living, unfolding experience of Love.