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Joy Sings – Sandy Jones

Good to remember that what is Real is Always Real, What is True is always True. Therefore ‘what is not true or real’ is irrelevant. All the shouting and mumbo jumbo on the scene, either side, any side, is not going to change the Unmoving Infinite Light of God, the Truth, Reality. As the lying grows thicker, it makes the Truth more obvious. It is that simple. We are not fooled by the deception. To understand Godhead and Its dominion is to understand the Who and What of Reality. The old materialist premise created on flimsy fabric made of mistaken beliefs, woven with threads of lie upon lie – is all unraveling.. Here, as we claim the Light of our Real Identity, we are steady and true. That’s the nature of this divine Light. It is What Is Real and can’t be deceived. “The cosmic clock has clicked on and Everyman has begun to stir. The syntheses is coming. A grand global harmony is just around the corner—the one the prophets spoke of wherein there is no more sighing, no more tears, no more fear nor need of temples and teachers.” As the Child, we are already there atop dominion’s mountain and we’ve never been away