Colors of Joy

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Painting something in the colors of joy, because I am in love with this whole wild world of ours. I’m enchanted with this starry eyed wonder of my Soul, the Light of my Self that never lets me down. It is this feeling of freedom that I love. God amazes me, God never interferes in what we do, or don’t do. God has no demands on us. Maybe because God knows we will all find our way through our mistakes and wrong turns and the detours from where we thought we were going. That’s how we get Home, back to our Self, to fall in love with our exquisite Beauty, our very own Heart. One...

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One to One

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It’s a misty, moisty morning, silvery overcast sky, soft, quiet, and lovely. Every day is unique, new, special. My cactus plant is blooming again. He blooms about three times a year. His flowery top notch on his lean, prickly stature makes me smile. He is a charming character and a stalwart individual. Which reminds me of something important about the individual. If people really want to change the world, we have to do it one by one from within our own heart. There is no real change that can come from a collective with an agenda to rearrange the scene. Change the tangible scene, but...

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Living Joy

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It was one of those grand epiphanies for me when I realized that God really is All that Is – but then, to see that I am not All that God is, that was the true Hallelujah! Since God Is All That Is, God does not care what we do or don’t do. We can try to rearrange things to suit our desires, but that seems to only cause more problems. However when we know that we are made of this One and Only Infinite Mind of God, then It is possible to live our joyful liberation under any situation or circumstance. It is beneficial in a million wondrous ways to know that Divine Mind is being who...

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Divine Being

Posted by on Jun 14, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | 2 comments

There is only one Reality and It is God Itself. God is being All that Is. This tangible world of appearances is God’s Light being experienced as you and me. This Light of God’s Awareness is Eternal and It is untouched and unharmed by whatever happens to the tangible things, the images within God’s Awareness. The Ineffable Nameless One is being the Light of Awareness that glimmers all things. There is nothing outside of this profound existence of One Infinite Divine Mind. We are God’s Awareness. God is Total, Infinite and All. We are living the Presence of this Divine...

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Already Is

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The Child is the unconditioned Joy of our Original Self. We are made in the image of God, every one of us. We could not be here if God was not being All That Is. God is the Living Isness Life Itself. The Child is our twin self, the purity of who we are, the one we were before we were born. It is still here, always here. We can make our bed in hell and this Holy Child is with us. Ask, we can reclaim It any time, anywhere. When we find our Self, we find this marvelous sense of wholeness, peace, and tender, vibrant intelligent intuition. The Child is our unbound ever-present Light that Life Is...

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Light Years

Posted by on Jun 9, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | 2 comments

Now we live this unbound Identity, Reality Itself and we become wise as serpents and as innocent as doves. All the sorrows and burdens vanish into the mystery as gently as the day moves into evening light. We find and live our Real identity and we are transformed. We know this individual, gracious beauty of our Eternal Soul, transcends time and matter. Any guilt or blame we might carry, has no authority – none at all – we let it go. We have discovered this Immutable Identity, unchanged by whatever happens in this world. This Identity is the Child and It is uniquely ours from the...

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