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It’s out of my hands, this effervescent enlightenment. Riding the waves on the sea of this Living Infinite Mind. I am the bubbling delight of Love’s defenseless Joy.   There is neither a personal nor impersonal Identity. There is just Identity — the One—being all there is to the appearance of both the personal and the impersonal, ego and egoless self-knowing. Life-Awareness is being All of this, being all that we are. This realization is a grand and liberating insight, allowing our actions “here on the human scene” to fall naturally into place. This is the way of Tao, the Middle...

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Riding Waves

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I grew up at the beach. I loved to spend my summer days on the sand, by the sea. I could lay there for hours, covered in coca butter and soaking up the sun. I would drift into bliss, in the warm sunshine and the cool breeze, lulled by the rhythm of the waves breaking on the shore and the gulls’ call as they sailed above. And that exhilarating, refreshing dive into the cold, clear, salty ocean, to catch a few waves. Not a worry, or fear, not a concern for self, just the sweet tranquillity of being. I’d melted into the universe without even knowing it. Well, these years later, for...

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Living Love

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This song of freedom sings from the heart of the Child we are. This Child is directly connected to the Light of Divine Intelligence. The Child is our eternal Soul, our original Identity, existing before we came into the world. This Child is still here, pristine, innocent, unharmed and free. It lives within us, as our very own Messiah, and when we rediscover It, we know what was meant by the second coming of Christ. This Holy Light Divine, is the Child. This healing Love returns to us, born again, within ourself. It is ours and we are it. This pristine Light of the Child we are, cannot be...

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Love Song

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This sweet peace and equanimity that has found me, it is the Beauty of my Soul, it is the Child. This Child is divine and it is who I am, the everlasting Soul of myself. It is the pure, innocent, beautiful Child that is within us all. Well, I have no inclination, nor could I ever be persuaded to go back to being a ‘grown up.” The childlike heart is pristine and bare to this Infinite Love. I sense the deep and magical wonders of this Universe. It is the Singularity of Love, from out of the One Love, came all that is, self-aware Universe entire. No one needs a permit to Live, to...

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The Nameless

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I don’t know what to call it, LaoTse didn’t either. He chose to call it Tao. Ineffable works, but doesn’t quite have the sweet ring I am looking for. Calling it God causes too many complications. I would prefer not to call it anything if can help it, because there is no name it can be given. I remember Tom Sawyer’s advice to Becky Thatcher “Don’t explain no more ‘ n ya haf ‘ ta.” What I do know, is that one day, with great joy and relief, we find the government of this Unknowable Something and we let go the need for the government of man...

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