The Reason

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“Wild Flowers” by Sandy Jones Years ago, I realized with absolute clarity, that the reason we are here is to uncover, know, and live this Love we are. It was a powerful knowing as this gift of grace washed over me. They say grace comes to the undeserving. It was true for me. I certainly didn’t deserve this sacred gift of grace. But there it was, tender, powerful and real. And the holy Child, this undeniable Self of myself, took my hand to show me the way. It is this sweet serenity that is with me. It keeps me steady and true as I go through life. It is a flowing Presence...

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This sweet gentle Presence is wafting over me as I have come to know, and really know that because we are Here, we are the Living Essence of God’s Divine Being. There is only one Light Here. It is the Deific Light of Infinite Mind. Nothing is outside of Here. You are Here because there is no other Here, here. The joy of this realization comes in that twinkling moment of knowing we are this Infinite Light of Life Itself. There is Only One Self, and It is Here as Your very Identity. Know Thy Self – You are the Light Here and Now. Actually, it really is all about you. The Self-Aware...

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Tender Enchantment

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Never fear this Sweet Life we are. Sure, yes, if you wanted to, you could fear it all. But, in the Light of Truth, there is no reason for fear. When we choose to live as the Unbound Heart, then it is a Mountain again. Knowing who we are, this Joyful Mountain is seen with eyes illumined, open to great expectations of our own Wonder beyond wonders. Now we see completely with the vision of the Heart. We know that nothing and no one ever really dies. In the morning, It’s All here. Sweet glory to be this exquisite beauty of Everlasting Life Itself. This is a most extraordinary adventure, a...

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One and Only

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“Dazzled” by Sandy Jones Light is a magical mystery. Light doesn’t run low, nor need to be replenished. Light exists as all things. Light is not subject to time, light is ageless, it doesn’t grow old, it doesn’t die. The light we see today is the same light as a thousand years, ten thousand years, a billion years ago – the same imperishable light. Starlight at the edges the universe, the starlight the scientists measure is undiminished by time. And the light they see, is the light they be -now and forever- all that is. The infinite playful rays of dazzling...

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Pure Spirit

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I grew up by the ocean, where we could see the channel leading into the harbor. The harbor was home for lots boats, big yachts little motorboats and lovely sailing ships of all sizes, small and large. I remember hearing that when a sea faring boat is docked in freshwater all the barnacles will fall off the bottom of the ship. No need for laborious dry dock scraping – just anchor the boat in freshwater and let nature take its course. I always liked the idea, philosophically speaking. Seemed to have a lot of spiritual meaning to me. Anchor ourselves in the fresh pure heart of the holy...

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