Quantum Leap

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 This invincible Joy is not an addition to what you have learned. It comes with a stripping away of what you have learned. This is a new way of seeing and being. It is beyond psychology, philosophy, religion and politics. It is freedom from the oppression of the psychoanalytical jargon and controlling mumbo-jumbo based on false beliefs about who you are. We find our Self and no longer take everything personally. We find the Real Self and here we find the unbound Love and fearless freedom from the known.    Here, in the Light of your own Self discovery, you find yourself free from all the...

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The Mystery

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The heart and the intellect work together in this human experience, but the heart is infinitely superior. And Love is always here. Love is ever present. The greatest of all gifts can often come out of the most devastating losses. Sometimes, when the heart breaks, we are open to what is Real. We come alive to Life Itself. Here, the Light shines in, out and through us. In the mist of undoing, we become fully aware of this Changeless Presence, the boundless Mystery. It is right here, the Mystery remains perfect and whole, unharmed. The heart feels the powerful stillness, we are open, barriers...

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Whatever This Is

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Here’s a very beautiful post from 5 years ago. It may mean nothing to anyone else, but to me, it tells me this grace that bloomed in my heart, this tender, vulnerable beauty, continues to bear fruit – Holy wonders and tears of joy – Sandy Jones – The Art of Home November 5, 2013 at 7:24pm · Whatever this is, I am most definitely aware of it, that is for sure. I rejoice every day for this gift of Love. Whatever name for this peace and joy that lifted me up and holds my hand now, would just not describe this Love that found me. I’ve heard it said that when we are...

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Love Song

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How beautiful the vulnerable, open heart is when we hear it speak to us. This heart is wise, and honest and real. We listen to its Love song. We have become alive, bare, raw and exposed, as the fortress has been unlocked by the pure innocence, and the recognition of the glory and beauty we are. In this tenderness, we feel the heart yielding and allowing. Its resilience is its strength – Love finds its way in and through us. Nothing ‘out there’ has the power to lift us up or take us down. The realization and freedom is always within ourself. Happiness is an inside job. It happens when...

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River of Love

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Just this, nothing more than this. We let go the ridged indoctrinated thinking as we awaken to the sweet joy, our purity and innocence. Yes, we become the Living Trust. Now, unbound, we are rolling along on the River of Life. We are swept up and taken by the Great, Unpossessed Tao. We learn to yield to the moving waters of Life, yet, we are steady and agile, allowing for the changes. We have found this inner Light of the Holy Child, it is the Sacred Heart that has been revealed to us, within us, here, we remain balanced and strong while flowing and responsive to the challenges. We know when...

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