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Autumn Day– Sandy Jones

We are quite able to understand the ephemeral nature of tangibility when we choose to understand the nature of Reality. We are here to uncover and claim our Real Identity as God’s holy Child – and Live It fearlessly as this unbound freedom, open to the miracles and wonders of Life. We discover our True Self, the Ungovernable holy Child and we boldly stay true to our Self.. As we uncover the Real Identity, we see clearly, and all the false precepts about Reality fall away.. We are the Light Divine, the pure Self, the Heart, the Truth within us. We discover we are both the Infinite Light of this Unbound Mind of God and this individual Identity, the one and only you, the holy Child, image of God. As these Two that are One, we are not afraid, we are whole and we are free. We are here to Live this Identity, flourishing and thriving individually, right here in this world of time and matter. We are no longer a brain washed, submissive, compliant obedient collective. Now we can think for ourself, we trust the Light of Truth that shines within our Self. The holy Child is Real and always aware of being One with this Living Presence of God. Life is this Living holy Trinity and freedom is our divine right, our heritage from the beginning.