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Autumn Afternoon – Sandy Jones

We find this Inner Light of the holy Child and we know what is right and what is not right for our Self. Our very Selfhood allows for this discernment that comes from a deep peace and clarity within. We have found this Inner Guide, the Child that includes the knowledge of the contraries. We are living God’s Light of Self-Awareness, the God Identity. We begin and stand with the Allness of God –and we are not separate from God. Knowing this, we are no longer subject nor slave to the fears and powerless shadows. Knowing our proper identification becomes the basis for thought and action here in our world. We don’t have to fight or fix what is not real and never was. We can find the Divine Authority within us. It is the holy Child, the Real of us and we can think for ourself. We are not pulled into the sophisticated, arrogance of human importance, despite the world’s insistent belief in the powers of matter, time and space – the human myth. Now, we are “as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove”. With this Child, that we actually feel within, comes a natural forsaking of the human perpetuation of lies – then comes a most amazing wonder – the powerless shadows vanish – the world is changed