About Sandy Jones –

First of all, I want to thank my dear friend Donovan Moore for creating this lovely website for me. Such a sweet gift.

I will be adding more writing posts and images of my artwork as we go along.

Here is a little bit about me —

I am originally from Corona del Mar, California.  In my early 20’s I moved to Hawaii for a few years, then did some traveling and eventually went to the Rocky Mountains to ski and work.  After some years of living and playing there, I met the perfect man – we fell in love and got married.  We bought a home in Aspen, Colorado and together we raised our precious family of three wonderful children.

I had been an explorer of the world, loving to travel and to be free. But, now married and with a young family that I truly treasured, my world became a philosophical and spiritual inner journey instead. It turned out to suit my nature very well. I cherished the sweet pleasures of my home, my husband and our precious family. I loved the adventure of ideas and searching the deeper mysteries of life. And I didn’t have to leave home to explore the beauty, depth and wonder of my own heart and mind. It was a joy expressing and bringing forth this bounty of beauty I felt through giving myself to the ones I loved.   

We raised  our kids in Aspen, owned a charming and successful restaurant and then it seemed time for changes. We eventually moved to Ojai, California, a very special and charming town, where I now enjoy the fun of  owning a wonderful little shop and art gallery called Jones & Company.

I always had an artist’s nature.  Colors and beauty are a necessary part of my soul. My paintings can be purchased through this website contact or at my shop. Besides my painting, I am also a writer, an author and an interior decorator. It is one of my true joys, creating lovely, comfortable, luscious home environments for my clients.

My first art show received honors and praise.  My paintings have been selected and awarded at every juried show. My art has been shown at Down Home Furnishings, The Ojai Art Center, Half Moon Bay, Great Dames Ojai Gallery and Woody Creek Gallery of Aspen, Colorado.

I am also the Literary Executor and owner all copyrights to William Samuel’s work. Mr. Samuel is a well known author, teacher and philosopher. Although he passed away in 1996, the demand for his brilliant teachings, based on Awareness and Self-discovery, continues to grow.  I keep all William Samuel’s  books and material in publication through Butterfly Publishing House in Ojai.

I am a lover of life, with the passionate and unbridled heart of an artist and the spirit of a cheerleader, it is my delight to champion you on to find your own victorious, unique expression of unbound happiness and freedom.

As a writer, and an artist, my uninhibited spirit loves sharing my heart with you. My book “Barefoot at Heart – The Alchemy of Love and the Power of Light” is available on Amazon.

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