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Life immerses us in its living beauty. This feeling of an undefined, gossamer love shines through as the pure wonder of this magical world that lives, right here, as you and me. The diaphanous sense of knowing, feeling, touching this presence of a translucent love that shines with the magic of this holy Mystery. I see your sparkling smile through the delicate threads and the silky wisps of love’s laughter in the warm sunlight. Opening the widow, to the sweet sounds and happy songs of birds in the garden. Here in this wondrous feeling of my own untamed beauty, with my hair untied, my...

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Good Idea

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Seems to be a good idea to keep my heart wide open to this ongoing flow of life. It’s a changing landscape, a marvelous, sweet ebbing and flowing of the ten thousand things. Time and matter, pushing and pulling, beginnings and endings, coming and going, giving and taking. As it all changes, the only course of action, for me, is to move easy, graceful, strong and balanced. It’s all holy, every wondrous moment of this life. It’s holy from the edges of infinity to right here with my bare feet in the sand. My heart touches this illimitable love, the love that is the very life...

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April Love

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Happy April – April Love Pat Boone “Ironically, for a few million people in the Far East, I did become an English teacher through my music.” – Pat Boone – June 1st – Gemini – The teacher, teacher through the airwaves, broadcasting and communication. And I, being a Sagittarius, tend to see things philosophically and expansively. Music innately speaks to me on many levels. The first level being that of the string theory, music of the spheres, communion and love. We are the living song of God’s heavenly artistry. The Celestial Symphony is the...

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Natural Wonders

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Einstein said “I believe in the God of Spinoza who reveals himself in the beauty and harmony of all things and does not concern himself with the fates of men.” Oh yes, I love that. This is the honest vision of Life that comes straight from the heart, right out of the natural wondrous ways of this childlike, open beauty. There is no complexity and no fear when we live from the natural, exposed, tender honesty of this uninhibited expanse of our self. Life is the playground of our very being. We are the harmony and beauty of what is – we live in the sweet expressions of this smiling...

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Clear Light

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We can find our Joy and freedom once again, when we find our pristine childlike identity. The Child of us sits next to Reality, the Living Divine Intelligence of Life Itself. The Child of us knows in mystical ways, understands things that are way far beyond the limited confined, educated, indoctrinated brain stuff. Anyone can find the Child. After all, we were all children once. The Child is the Real of us. it is the divine and eternal soul of us, always present and always awaiting our recognition. It lives fully aware of Itself as the unbound expression and joy of the absolute presence,...

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Cosmic Wonders

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– Live streaming the cosmic wonders, I’m sailing my starship through the canyons of God’s infinite mind. Tripping along, exploring the ten thousand aspects of past, present and future. This star of wonder keeps waking me up in the middle of the night. Yin and yang, immersed in this holy river of love, moved by electric blue dreams, joined together in euphoric revelations. In this cosmic beauty, I peer into distant eons, billions of light years away, shining here in my eyes, here as my world. With a slight shift, I find the focus, as the two sides merge into one, bringing pristine...

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