Purity and Beauty

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Our journey to find the light of understanding includes the sweet wonders of this mystery of time and love. Finding ourself has all to do memories. It has to do with reclaiming our unbound joy of the original child of us, and the intrinsic illumination that the divine child lives. In finding our original beauty, we find the knowing heart, and its tender peace with the way of life, bumps, bruises and all. Enlightenment is very much about memories of childhood and a return to that purity and innocence, uncovering the magic of the those days, being exposed, unconditioned, open and alive to the...

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Spirit of Beauty

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Creative energy, filled with sweet holy desires, come to us as we find and live our true self. This real self is the original soul of us. It is childlike, pristine, full of laugher and love. It is our authentic nature and it sits next to Reality-God. This is Love, it is who we are. We can live our original Identity right here in the world, right now, just the way we are. This Identity has been who we are since before the world was. Each of us has an exquisite, unique, divine blue print. It is us, it’s right here. We can rediscover it, uncover it, let our true beauty bloom and live...

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The richness of our heart and soul, the bountiful joy of our spirit, this is the real prosperity, this is where the real value remains everlasting. Wealth is not in matter, but in spirit. We’ve seen those who have plenty of money, all the material things they could ever want – but yet they are starving in their heart, feeling needy, fearful, angry, depleted of life and miserable. That’s real poverty. Oh yes, poverty is having lost the childlike joy of life. True wealth is a feeling of abundance, a feeling that comes from the heart of us. It is available to each of us,...

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Summer Breeze

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Was it luck, was it fate, was it divinely ordained? I really don’t know, but I am so very grateful for this most wonderful gift I was given. My youthful days growing up at the beach live unabated, blooming stronger, more abundant, all the while. Somehow the beauty of my life as a child permeates all that I am, it is wonderful. My heart, my soul, my spirt remains fresh and free, daring and alive. In the warmth and light of a summer day, I hear the song of Something Grand. As the cool sea breeze gently touches me, it brings the overtone, a sensing of the presence of the Infinite...

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This darling little boy kitty was quite feral when he first came into my yard – and into my heart. Very slowly, with lots of gentle coaxing and food, I got him to come to me. Eventually he moved in and my other cat Major Grey didn’t seem to mind. ( Major Grey, by the way, had been a lost kitten that wandered into my life some years before.) I named this new little tom cat, Muffin. Well, it’s been a few years now, Muffin is being well fed and well loved. He’s safe and happy here. He no longer roams. He’s a funny, charming cat who’s become totally comfortable living here. He obviously...

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A glowing full moon tonight. I do love the moonlight. It is a gentle, serene and soothing illumination. It’s soft touch whispers over us like a mother singing a lullaby to her child. Feelings, comforting, loving feelings, how amazing our feelings are. Where do all these wonders of life come from? Endless, rich and mysteriously far beyond the limits of the intellect. All so much more, so deep like a fathomless, infinite sea.  Is it all inside of me, the universe entire? I do think it might be. Especially magical it is to be in garden when the moon is so bright. How divine to be immersed...

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