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Life is real and delightful, everything is full of wonder and beauty. This whole world is alive, we are immersed in the magic. Life is love and love is who and what we are.One day I saw it all so clearly, I knew what I knew because I was living it. I felt the spirit, the heart, the fearless delight of being a child again. And strangest of all, it seemed like I became real, it all became real, but in a mystical, wild wonderland sort of way. Life is simply magic, a miracle infused with beauty in everything. It’s all alive, moving, being, existing in the most marvelously sublime ways. It’s a...

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Desert Sky

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The vibrations of heaven are dancing and playing in the gentle breeze of my mind, as the harmonic tunes reveal this world of living poetry. Let us paint love songs on the canvas of the sky. Let us write words that merge into a divine harmony that sings from the depth of wonder. My heart has come undone, I am open, touching, inhaling the sweet fragrance blowing upon the soft winds that whisper in melodic sounds, the silky, quiet tones of love.  Life, this holy presence of my being, comes closer, I am willing, giving into this fragrant warm breath that unbuttons my heart and blows me into...

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Summer Joy

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It really is a magical kingdom. I am enchanted by this mystical heart we have all been given. I see it smile at science as it plays with theology, enjoying with curiosity and interest of it all. Then, this Heart leaps joyfully into the magic and undermines them both, as I hear the Laughter of God and songs of Love. The Child finds so much wonder in Life, sensing the fact that we exist as the Light and Presence of a Living Miracle. Here, in my heart, it all comes together in this alchemy of honesty and love. I find a simple beauty beyond the rationalist’s logical limits, outside reason and...

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The eager enthusiasm of this childlike heart that just wants to try it, is the unconditioned soul of us. The Child is the pure, unadulterated, divine blue-print of ourself, before we came into this time-space-measurable world and got the ‘heart of wonder’ knocked out of us. We are the Child, we are forever the Child, we are bold, and daring, and so very beautiful in our authentic, guileless innocence. This is the way Love lives in the world, open and happy, eager and curious, in wonder and joyful expectations — wanting to try, wanting to see what happens. The Child knows...

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Wild Beauty

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I am reminded of my days as a child. When the weather would get stormy, I would eagerly head for the ocean, to the cliffs above the sea. I would stand and watch in excitement and wonder, the mystical beauty of it all. There, on the high ground, I would take in all that radiant light and the sounds of the pounding surf below. My long hair tangled by the winds, and my skirt avidly trying to billow out from under my jacket. A little girl, eager to feel it all, entranced by the immense power of the dark grey churning ocean, tasting the salty air touching my face and lips. I was captivated by the...

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Love Returns

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We fall in love with the wondrous beauty of our own heart. We find ourself to be the twin flame, the soul mate, the lost love we longed for. We find it’s not the other person, it is ourself that completes us. I am the one I left for another. It was me, I left myself, way back then, long ago. And I am the one who comes home, returns, I come back to me. A lovely surprise, my beauty is the radiance that shines, in love with Life again. We find ourself reconciled, at peace in this perfect love, feeling the chemistry within ourself, as this love grows strong and blooms, here, within us,...

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