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The Meadow –Sandy Jones

A liberating and clear understanding comes to us when we discover the Real Identity. This is the third point of view, the view of the rediscovered and resurrected Child within. This third position, is the “It is a mountain again” position. This comes as an infinitely superior view that includes both the objective and subjective while being greater than both. The third view is not found through nihilism or denial, but through the discovery of the Child. We stand precisely in the middle between these two that are One, Godhead and Man. The Child is the Third and these three are one. This is the holy Trinity. Finding and knowing the Real of us, we feel the expansive wholeness of our Self. Here, in the middle place, is where God moves through you into the world you see and be. There is only One Self being each and every particular individual, whether those individuals know who they really are or not. You are made in the image of God – God the Light that is the Allness of everything..The holy Child you are stands right here – right here where you are – right here where the world begins.