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Strawberry Day – Sandy Jone

.And one day we uncover our Original Nature, the Child we are. This Self of us is not dependent on how the day is or how things go in our life, whether we get what we want, or we don’t. The Original Nature of us abides in peace and remains present to the wonders and joy of our holy existence. We have found this Real Identity, the Timeless Self of us that knows, in absolute fact, that whatever transpires in this world, it makes no difference to the Light of Life. This playful, defenseless, holy Spirit we are, keeps flowing on, fully alive to the Infinite Splendor. There is no one and nothing outside of this Light that is being you and me. No matter how much we hear people protest, denying the reality of God, we can’t stop God from being this Life we are, this holy Child, the Real of you and me. We are are this Living Reality of God made in the image of God. We might as well dare to enjoy this Living Glory of our own being. We are the playful Child of the Sacred Allness of Everything.