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Yellow Chair – Sandy Jones

We’ve been operating from an incorrect premise called Materialism. This is the age old idea that our world is a tangible, objective place and humans exist as separate entities in possession of a few years of life. That’s Materialism, it’s a ‘science’ arranged on an incorrect but fully accepted concept. So, no wonder nothing works the way our heart’s tell us it could or should. We are trying to solve problems using an incorrect equation. But it looks like science is on the edge of discovering the world is our Self. Our Identity is Life. Life is the subjective, Immeasurable Consciousness of the Living Light of Godhead. The Heart of us is beginning to recognize there is a Primary Awareness that belongs to Infinite Mind, the Self-knowing Universe. There is no Life in matter – all ‘things’ are images within Life. Our world is Conscious, Alive, Intelligent, Living holy Light being the Identity we are. Knowing this Fact, we can no longer be fooled by the fraudulent powers that be as they use fear, labels, name calling in an endless prodding of divisive tactics. We have found middle ground above them all, the effortless way of childlikeness and simplicity.