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Joy and Deign Sandy Jones

Everything, everywhere, every single grain sand, each one a glorious display of artistry. The rare beauty of a single leaf, every blade of grass, a tiny snowflake, an intricate, lacy marvel that barely lasts an instant. Everything in this Sweet Mystery of God’s Intelligent Design is distinct, individual, unique, unlike any other. The Supernal Artist understands contradistinction, knowing how to make each thing stand apart from the other. All that appears separate, distinguished, single, alone is the living evidence of God’s Totality. A billion starry lights of wonder can be found at the edges of time. These cosmic mysteries are decked in multitudes of sublime glory, Listen to your heart, Only the arrogant human intellect imagines we must dissolve into an empty, selfless oneness, a collective soup of indistinguishable, mindless nobodies. In a grand reversal we find it is quite the opposite. The holy Child you are knows the Way. You and I, we are free to Live the fullness of our divine Selfhood. Claiming our Original Nature, we are not afraid to Live and be this marvelous, unbound, uninhibited, carefree, joyful Child that God knows us to be. The Truth is written in our heart, and awaits for us to take hold of what is ours. – Sandy Jones