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Home In Pink – Sandy Jones

We can find our Self. It is the one that is not guilty, pure, and beautiful. It is our Original Self, the Soul before we became afraid of life, as we tried twist ourself to fit the program, the game, the conforming box designed to force and break our Innate, marvelous, Divine Individuality. Something deep in our heart said we don’t want to subject ourself to the confining, painful format. But we have no choice, there are no honest words spoken, so we take on the lies, the beliefs and the fears, as we cover up our divine, pure Original Nature. We hide our glorious fearless Spirt we came into this world as. One day, we hear an honest voice, someone tells us to look for the child, the one that is still within us. We listen, we hear, we give it a try. And low and behold, we find It. It is true and we know It. We come alive again, honest, and real, alive to live again, fully, joyfully – we are this holy Child, and unafraid to be It. We know what we have found. There is no way to tell others how we know, but we do – and so we Live It, without motive nor need to prove it to anyone, but only to Live the Unbound Wonder of Being It