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“Piano” Sandy Jones

How wonderful to know this Unbound holy Child is the Christ Light within us. It is our Original pure Self. The heart knows Everything is God’s unending measureless Light. You can feel this Light of Life pouring in, pouring out, being all that is, all that you are, and all you see. This Divine Light is the Light of Life whether we know who we are or we don’t. This Light of Love remains Here and Now and Always being this Life we are. But when we know our Real identity, then everything is seen, felt, understood through the fresh wonders of Love.. We feel every moment of this marvelous world, and we don’t worry about what is to happen, knowing that this Changeless Presence is the Immeasurable Light of God, God’s Perfect Light. It can’t be harmed by human arrogance stuck in bungling bewilderments. This is the Mystery; the Child sees it all as God’s Divine unfolding – always Good, .Life cannot end or be harmed, God is Light exchanging light with Light and Light with the light. There is no other Life here. The holy Child understands that everything happening is confirming the fact of Wisdom which is already Here as the nature of the true Identity. And that is wholly extraordinary for each and every one to discover. Sweet Life, my Love and everlasting Light of Joy