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“Ewe Know – Sandy Jones

Yes, probably – However there is a big difference between the Child being “mine” and the Child being Me. The Child is Me and It belongs to God. It is not mine, there is no separate identity to possess this Child I am. There is no doubt about that. My Me is God’s very own Light. My Me, the holy Child I am. The Awareness I am is God’s Identity, God’s Self-Knowing being Me, this Child I am. And I get to feel God’s delight in this Love for Me. I can only know that I am and I know this – That I am this unbound Joyful Light that Is the holy Child, It is Me. I belong to God. There is no other I could ever belong to. I am the Light of God’s Life and I am free, living and being this holy Child I am – unique, joyful, unbound, uninhibited, creative, knowing, intelligent, delightful Child of God. I can’t imagine anything more Loving and Wonderful than the Way It Is.