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Light – Sandy Jones

With the discovery of Identity, we find our way through the labyrinth of this world. We find the Child within. It is a sublime level of perception that has been within us since our time began. This inner Child has a perfectly balanced View from the third position, knowing how to live our unbound holy Selfhood in an objective world. Intuitive and clear, you break free from the collective spell-binding mentality. The Real of You can’t be fooled, manipulated, controlled, swayed by propaganda, fear and lies. The holy Child is free to think for Its self. The Child recognizes Something Mysterious within, listen to the Song of our own Heart. Knowing the Truth, you can’t be influenced easily. You’ve found your Heart, your Soul, the Light of God’s Intelligence that is within you.- you’ve found freedom. Sovereign, balanced, listening to this Inner Authority, you are without fear, honest, real and at peace with the Living Presence of Life, Divine Mind,. Now, in this Light of Understanding, the tangible world doesn’t fool us. We have found the ungovernable holy Child that takes our hand, leads us to the Balance and shows us the Way. The Child knows God as all in all, pure and perfect. As we are lifted to the Light, our world is lifted with us.