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Dazzled – Sandy Jones

The Light of Life is the Limitless, Immeasurable Light. It is not our everyday light. There is the Unseen Light that Is Infinite. It is the Source of all things. This Light of Life has no source – It Always Was and Forever Will Be. It is Omnipresent. There is no place where This Living Presence of Light isn’t Already Being. This Light is the Universe, it is Divine Intelligence, it is Reality Itself. This Light is Information, ‘informing’ or manifesting as all things. It is the Immeasurable Light, everywhere at once. It is the Still, Silent, Timeless Immoveable Light. It is the Only Light of Life and It cannot end, because it never began. It is the Absolute Something that is the Source of All that is. It is being this Life we are. When we see this, when we find and know the Light that Is being this Life we are – then we understand. When we understand, we are not so much concerned with the sights and sounds, the material things themselves – we see through – we have ‘eyes to see’ this Unseen Light that gives rise to this tangible, changing, time, space experience. We see the Light beyond and we know we are the holy Child of this Infinite, Eternal Light.


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      Thank you Walt for your loving appreciation. It is my joy when I can find the words for these precepts that, as we know, are nearly impossible to put into words. This intangible Knowing of the holy Presence, is felt by the innocence of our True pure Orginal Nature and that one knows this powerful presence of this Living Light that is here as the very Self we are.