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Olver and Cats – Sandy Jones

How remarkable to feel this Sweet Presence that brings all things into the wholeness of their designated coded imprint. How extraordinary this Love Is. This Living Intelligence moves this world into the fullness of Its own tangible expression. Every single little thing is a glorious masterpiece of Infinite Love. We learn to surrender, to be vulnerable, knowing all of everything is designed by This Unseen Light of Something Marvelous. Nature is moving, in tune with the Divine Equation. We eventually realize we must be flexible, receptive, giving, easy. We let go, let it be, wait and see. We have found our Self, the holy Spirit, the childlike joy of our unbound freedom. It is here, our very soul of honest innocence. Giving up, giving in, letting go, surrendering to the magical miracles and wonders. They are all here. Reality reveals It’s Mystery to us. We have tested and proven our faith, it is Real and can be trusted. The glory of this world of Living Beauty comes forth from this divine spark, this flame within us. Up close, open, willing to let this holy One lead, bringing all that is necessary for Life to Live It’s Unbound Joy. The silent, Illimitable Light of Life is Here, seen in the world, confirming our discovery of this holy Mystery