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Morning LightSandy Jones

If we are on a spiritual journey, we will know when we have found our way Home, back to our Self. There will be no doubt. We will find the holy Child, the Living Balance that allows us to be in the world, but not fooled by it. When we find this Balance, Messiah within – we know It – there is no doubt. Do you remember when you were a kid learning to ride a bike? When you felt that marvelous moment of balance? You knew it. It was real, you found It. Now you could ride anywhere because the balance was within you. Metaphorically, this sense of balance is very much like our discovery of the holy Child, the divine Balance that is within us. It knows how to take us confidently through this world. We are born with this Original Nature. We discover it, claim it and Live It. You’ll find It because it is there always within you. It is the divine Light, the Soul of us.. This holy Child we are is capable of living in the world, knowing the right Way to go. We are no longer subject to the lies and deceptions, nor fearful of our world. The Child is this holy Balance awaiting your discovery. You will know and feel this marvelous joy and freedom, as you are lifted up by the carefree Spirit of the uninhibited, honest Living of It

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  1. 10-15-2022

    Yes! I like the way you explained it.