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Magical Day – Sandy Jones

Sunset glows over Big Corona and across to the jetty, beyond the sea to Catalina. Red sky at night portends some good sailing weather ahead What existed before time and space, before the sand. the ocean and sky? What came before this this whole thing we call life? Something Ineffable, Something Real, the Isness that is Here, it existed always. It has no time, no space, it always was. it is the Mystery that still exists, infinite and eternal, always now. Time and space, this world we experience is unfolding, seeming in time that we might learn who we are. This world is here for us to eventually understand this Ineffable Isness is the Light and Life of our Identity, this Child we are, the one made in the image of God. We are here to find our Self and then, when we do, we know that everything that happened here was nothing real and really never happened. Only Love is Real and Love knows what Love Is.