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Evening Light – Sandy Jones

Lao Tse points out, “The world is already a perfect vessel and whoever tries to improve it, spoils it.” Did you know that ‘fossil fuel” is a made up word coined by oil barons of the 1920’s. Renaming things is an age old mind-trick used to manipulate people. In truth, oil is an abundant renewable source – It’s Nature’s unlimited way of giving to us what we need. Furthermore, the earth is not in trouble and does not need saving. Our Earth, much like you and me, wants freedom from being controlled and forced by those who have lost contact with their own Inner Light and Truth. What is needed, is for each of us, alone and on our own, to find our True heart within and reclaim our Soul’s connection to the One Infinite Divine Light of Life. We can do better when realize that Life is Perfectly Intelligent and needs no correcting or fixing by humans who have their minds stuck in fear and are hell bent on power and destruction. You and I, we shall not take the bait. We Live the wise zen of simplicity, the pure heart which knows that God really Is All That Is. This Living Presence of Life, IS God and Its functioning Mind being our very existence. The Self of you and me, we are the whole world – Universe entire.