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Evening Light – Sandy Jones

It’s a good thing. How beautiful to return to our Self, the holy Light, the Real Authority within. We are letting go of the belief that others have power or superiority over us. These so called authorities are revealing they are incapable of honesty. Our entire social structure is like a Jonestown cult, so many dear souls willing to give their Self over to despots and tyrants. We are here, in these times, to reclaim our Self, to find the holy Child, the real Authority that is within the Heart of us all. Something wonderful is happening. Perhaps this is what was meant by the ‘second coming of Christ”- as we each discover the Light of Truth is who we are. We discover we are one with this Living Mind of God. This Christ Light, divine Consciousness and Its Awareness Is Identity Itself – the holy Self of You and Me – no other Identity can we be.

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  1. 6-2-2022

    Lovely rhyming couplet to end your post.
    walt ♥