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Buttercups – Sandy Jones

We find the holy Child within us and then we break free and Live again. The holy Child unlocks the doors and we make our escape from this prison of untrue beliefs. The Child Lives the Infinite Mind of Being, while balanced fully Here in this world. We are released from the old limits of intellect, the mistaken sense of identity, the materialist conditioning that believes the body, the brain is a container of a life. We see beyond and know without a shadow of a doubt that Life is NOT inside matter. Further, those who know this mystery are able to distinguish the honest message from the misleading one or from the intentional lie. We are free from fear based, controlling influences. We distinguish the wheat and the tares – and let them be, let it all be. We live in genuine childlike faith, knowing that God is Real and God is Faith Itself. God is Life Itself. There is nothing outside of Life. Life Is Faith Itself. Faith is not something we ‘have’ – Faith is the very Life we are Living. Faith is Infinite, It is being All That we are. We are Living Faith – even when we don’t know It – we don’t have to know it – how very beautiful this is.


  1. 5-19-2022

    An intuitively evocative take on “Faith” Sandy.
    It resonates well.
    Also a warranted caution on belief.

    walt ♥

    • 5-19-2022

      Thank you Walt for stopping by and reading here. I always appreciate your loving confirmation of understanding. Yes, I know, religion and dogma has done some pretty good damage to the words about Faith,Believing and God. It’s good that people are aware of indoctrination and cultish mindsets that separate and divide, rather than lead us to our Wholeness our Holiness. However, when we find this Innocent Beauty of our Real Being, the holy Child of God, the ‘Everywhere at Once” Soul of ourself, the ‘Quantum” vision of who we are, then — then, we can see the Mystery of Life and Faith, and Believing. We can discover the Truth in that Faith and how essential Faith and Childlike Believing are to this journey of Self-discovery. Faith and Love leads to our Realization of Who and What we are. Though we are Already That Faith, we come to see and Live and Know what it means and the profound Gift it is to find the True and Pure Heart of Believing and Seeing that Faith is the very Essence of God Itself. In Faith we See directly that we are One with this Living One. Sweet childlike wonder, the journey of Life as we trust that God knows What God is and we are living That Joyful Realization of God Being the One and Only All That Is. And Yes, you ar right, without the Child none of this makes sense to the Intellect. 💕❤️