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Magic Moment – Sandy Jones

A bright and glorious, windy, joyful morning here. The cats are having fun in the yard, playing in sunshine and love. And the Real Joy is knowing, and really knowing, that you are Life, right here, right now. Life does not die. Life is not bound inside the body – no, the body is in Life. All things are in Life. Life is the Living Presence, the All Inclusive Sphere of Totality. This Intangible Being of Awareness, the Awareness you are right now. This Life is being the infinite Light of your ever-lasting divine and holy Identity. This Boundless Presence has no end, no framework, no parameters. It is All and Total. This Life includes this world of matter, time and changing scenes. We are the world we walk through. This world in not ‘out there’ it is Here within this Living Light of our Awareness, this Awareness we are. One day we realize there is nothing outside this Living Infinity – and we find our freedom to be this Love, to Live this Light – to Live this Truth. The veil of fear falls away, the cloak of deception vanishes and all our senses come alive. We look around and feel a new dimension drenched in this moment of sweet fresh wonder, in light and color and sound and beauty, all right here where we are


  1. 3-21-2022

    Nicely expressed Sandy.

    • 3-24-2022

      Thank you Walt, This Joyful Muse seems to find the words for me – I’ll follow It’s Loving Way – 💕