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Ojai Sunrise – Sandy Jones

We’d all stay asleep and enjoy the game, as long as we’re winning and we have a decent sort of secure and comfortable life. But the arrogance of the powers-that-be have gone too far and even fleeced themselves with their greed. Now all mankind is waking up to see the Truth. Like the professor and his medicine wagon in the Wizard of Oz – the deceivers screwed up mighty big this time. As their crimes become blatant, they spin more lies. But my heart tells me that we will one day look back and realize it was all about living ‘what is not real’ in order that we find ‘What Is Real.’ Just as it is, we live the appearances of death in order to know the eternal nature of Life. Well, whatever the reasons the arrogant an deliberate deceptions, we can let it show us what is not true and never was true. The timing is right and precisely what has been called for from the beginning – it’s nothing but Good going on – the rebirth of the Original Image of Godhead, the holy Child we are. So, here we are – as the dawn of the New Day comes it shines soft and warm upon the fields of gold.


  1. 3-3-2022

    Greetings Sandy,
    Spring is near …


    • 3-4-2022

      It sure is – Soon into bloom – 💕❤️