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By The Sea – Sandy Jones

It was serendipity that day he walked into The Country Store. How I loved his smile. It was a perfect day. Serendipity is when we find something valuable that we had not been looking for. The treasure just falls into our Life. It was serendipity that brought me the most wonderful gift. There he was, my love, my prince charming, my one and only. And as the story of true love goes, he took me home to live happily ever after. These years later I see all of Life as one big ongoing, unfolding experience of serendipity. I’m always surprised by this grand, mystical, magical wonder of being here. Life is a festival of random happenings. And Living is the treasure, sparkling in a million moments of strange, marvelous enchantments. Nothing about our existence is really possible, but here we are, here I am, here it is. It’s all an impossible, glorious, mystifying surprise – all of it. There is no reason for this existence to exist – yet it is. This revelation makes it clear how magnificent and holy this Life is. We are living a Mystery of our own Being. And that’s why I’ll take my chances and trust the serendipity that always shows up with divine treasures for me. I love this fearless heart of mine and I’ll do it my way


  1. 8-11-2021

    I like stories like this Sandy.
    In such a charming manner you
    reveal what is not so obvious
    to many.

    • 8-14-2021

      Very true, the Glimmers of Truth that come through our own stories do seem to speak to both the heart and the beauty that transpires with the Living of this Light. Thank you Walt 💕🌺