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Garden Table – Sandy Jones

Shakespeare’s work is enduring because it is filled with the Light of Truth. His enlightened stories remain valid for us today. Yes, to thine own self be true. Listen to that inner voice of knowing. Do what is right for you. Be true to yourself. It’s important. The Keys to the Kingdom are within you. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. Listen to your heart, the Real Authority is This One That You Are. It is a joyful feeling to Live from this Light of Truth that is Always here, being All That You Are. You will feel a peaceful sense of your own power and dominion. Not dominion over another, but dominion within yourself, feeling fearless and honest with yourself. Knowing who you are, that’s It. That’s the Love that Lives as the Real Self, the Illimitable Life you are. It is yours, right here, right now. There is no other authority out there. It makes no difference what titles or letters follow their names, no one has authority over you. When you finally See and Know for your Self you will no longer surrender to anyone other. The only true surrender will be to your own Heart, the Original Self of you, to surrender and accept your divine heritage as the holy Child you are. This Light within you Knows The All and knows everything you need to know, and will lead you aright.


  1. 8-19-2021

    It touches a vital cord Sandy! Your choice of words are wonderful when heard with a “tuned” ear.
    Shakespeare’s words have often vibrated a sweet cord in my heart.
    Although in high school my English teacher told me that I don’t think in English. That was his comment when I explained my understanding of passages that we were studying in class. You see, my heritage is Ukrainian, so he figured that my answers were culturally biased, when in reality perhaps his take on Shakespeare was culturally biased.
    Anyhow, Shakespeare has much to share with us if we listen in the silence.
    Likewise, so do many others point to that which the mind cannot grasp.

    Love on a lovely day,

    • 8-19-2021

      oops … spelling … chord

    • 8-22-2021

      Yes, I suspect you were hearing Shakespeare from your the heart of you, the pure Inner Place of Hearing – Lovely, yes. And there seem to be so many of these poets and artists who See and Hear the Truth directly and find ways to speak, express and bring the Light of Knowing to us in ways that we too recognize our Self and the Light of Truth. Thank you for sharing your story full of sweet smiles — 💕😍