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I don’t know, but it seems to me we have been remiss, lost the way, gone too far. As our beautiful world awaits the morning, a new day, it seems best to find the words that bring us close to this holy Light, that warm, soft comfort that is here within us. Hold close to the divine imprint we came into this world with. It’s still here. Remembering the vision of those celestial wonders, and that distant star that shines so bright in the night sky. I’ll do best to bring what I can. Maybe that means to just simply be steady, calm, true and here. Or perhaps I can only bring some heavenly joy of fresh flowers for the table. But I am sure a tender bouquet of beauty lifts the soul and heals the heart.


  1. 9-3-2021

    A tender bouquet …

    • 9-10-2021

      Ahhhh, sweet sweet, happy love – 💕