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Blankets – Sandy Jones

It takes nothing more than to realize you are the one you’ve been looking for. You and God are one. God is always being you, right here and right now. You could not exist if God were not being all that you are. God is the Infinite, Omniscient Light of Life being all things, God is the Ineffable Mystery, greater and beyond all things, all matter, all time, all we see and all we don’t see. We are not God, but God is this Self-Awareness being the Life you are. No one else owns you. No one. There is nothing outside of this Absolute Being that is being Life Itself. Be free, play, enjoy, create, think, imagine – feel the wonder of this whole, total experience of Being you. No apologies, no guilt or excuses and no blame. Absolutely fearless and free. Pure liberation, no matter what goes on in our Life, you remain always this Infinite Light being you. We are God’s ongoing, unfolding, Beautiful Love Child, living without regret, without fear – forever safe as you – your very own exquisite, glorious, wonderful you.

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