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Pink Chair – Sandy Jones

Opening out into the day, the sunshine and the garden of this Self flows through me and sets me free. The whole expanse of who we are, is right here Living as this Identity being All That Is. This Illimitable Life begins to blow through like a fresh, cool breeze, with the sweet scent of roses, jasmine, orange blossoms everywhere. Sunlight shines upon the view, unencumbered and clear. This is the Way of Tao, the Way of the Child, pure, guileless and free. The entire field of wildflowers fills the heart with Joy. Meadow of peace and warmth spreads out into forever here as the splendor of God we are. No other Self can we really be. We are nothing less than Infinite Reality. To see and know is nothing like what we imagine this to be. Oh it is a Love so much sweeter and more wondrous, to find our Self happily being the Living Light of our own immeasurable beauty. Living the perfect moment of this Truth we be, the unfolding timeless Light of Life’s One and Only. Love has Its ways, Love is Pure Brilliance.


  1. 5-30-2021

    Roses and Jasmine!Divine splendor! The magic and truth shimmers and shines through the colors on canvas and through your beautiful words. Thank you for your creations of Light and Love dearest Sandy Jones!

    • 5-30-2021

      How sweet, so dear of you to stop by here- thank you so much for the love and kind comments. Writing is a Joyful way of keeping my heart and soul connected in the balanced place between the blessed peace of this Infinite Presence while living in this time-space world experience and all the stuff one must navigate while here. I love being able to share my heart’s knowing and this abiding Peace that is with me. I hope to bring some glimmers of Light in the form of words that lift the Heart, open the doors within us wherein something new and fresh might enter. Sending my love to you too – 💕