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Piano – Sandy Jones

I remember Tom Sawyer’s advice to Becky Thatcher “Don’t explain no more ‘ n ya haf ‘ ta.” Simple and easy is good, especially when talking about the magical universe of the heart. The things that are essential are within us. They come to us, each of us, from within ourself. And when they do, we can know and live this genuine peace and carefree childlike happiness in the midst of this transient, temporary journey of life. We all have this Divine Imprint within us. We recognize our unbound Joy when we uncover our Original Nature, our Timeless Identity that understands this Living Light, the All in all. As this holy Child we live again, unburdened by this world of appearances, knowing none of this birth/death perception of life has any real power over the Everlasting Love, the holy Child we are. We can find that free Spirit, right here, and really Live It, no longer burdened by the world scene. It is here, in our own heart. We feel the seamless fusion between this Living Presence of God and our own extraordinary Living experience of this world. We find freedom – the real freedom – freedom from fear. We are intimately involved in this sweet romance, one to one with Life, a living love affair with the Ineffable Isness of Being. We become our own authority, we follow no one but our own true Self. We listen to our heart. We hear God’s Love song and we dance.


  1. 5-12-2021

    Thank you so much Sandy. I understand what you mean. It speaks to my heart. Thanks a lot for writing this.

    • 5-12-2021

      Thank you too Kim – As you know, my writing is meant to touch the heart, more than to explain, communicate and teach in the way that William Samuel had such a divine gift for doing. But, he was the one who led me back to myself, and the unbound freedom from fear, uplifted by this Inner Joy of Living It – Yes, like a child simply enjoying being. Trust what you feel when you listen or read William’s message – he is honest and will always point you back to the Source that is the very Light and Life You, right here, You are God’s Awareness right now – there is nothing that comes between you and God’s Isness= Life Itself.