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Cat on RedSandy Jones

When we know who we are, we know what Love is – and we have no fear and no need to control life. This love is freedom, it is Life Itself. We are It’s sparkling evidence, we are Life’s childlike pure delight. As Lao Tse said “The world is already a perfect vessel and whoever tries to improve it, spoils it.” And we look around at how those who do not know their True Nature, want to manipulate, control, and make the world in their image of what they think is right and good. We see how they only make it worse, only mess it up. But the truth is, love remains the only Real power. I will live this love that Is here as All That Is and All That I am. This is Love, love that does the work. Love and love alone. It is the fire of Spirit, the flame that warms the earth and melts the coldest appearances. Love is not restricted to or by the controlling groups that are desperately clinging to the old beliefs. But God is limitless love. Our dominion is found to be here as our Identity, not out there with governments or institutions. This limitless love is Life itself, unbeholden to governments, organizations or institutions. We claim our authority, our divine heritage, our freedom. We live this Spirit of love that no one can tame, capture or control. When the Heart has been touched and Love is felt, the healing will always happen.


  1. 4-7-2021

    Thank you so much for your words Sandy. They go direct to my heart and heal all my being.

    • 4-7-2021

      Dear Kim, you are so very welcome. I am happy you are feeling the Presence of this Living Truth that comes through in a very heartfelt way. It’s how the Truth speaks to me and so I share it this way- a bit poetic and musical I guess – which for me, is the only way I can. It is the holy Child that leads me and That Child that William Samuel speaks of really IS the Way out of the restricted limited view of who we are. Now we know what Love is – Love and Life – We can and do find our own Inner Beloved, the Love that is Always Here and we Live again.