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Flower Faires – Sandy Jones

One day a gift I thought I’d never see again, returned to me. It was the long lost, playful, funny, fearless divine Spirit of me. Simple, innocent happiness returned, as my heart opened and I was filled with peace. I felt the energies of a creative, uncensored Wonder that included the whole wide world I was living. That little girl was without rules, unrestricted and untied from all the human mental controlling dogma and indoctrinated constructs. Now I have no one to impress and nothing to lose. The Sweet Spirit understands things that are innate, real and true. This understanding is most deeply grounded in a Love that is Infinite and Divine. This gift is the holy Child, the Original Imprint – pure, guileless and magical, anticipating beauty and goodness in all things. This resilient, childlike essence is able to navigate with balance, all the changing landscapes of this world experience. The world and I are one, the external world I see is harmless to this Infinite Mind that is This Life I am. I feel this living Love which has no agenda. I have no use for political games and all the divisive, angry tactics of a society teeming with lies and corruption. The holy Child does not get lost in this charade of falsehoods. The holy Child is freedom, unleashed, sailing along in this abiding peace that no one can usurp. The Life we are is not restricted or bound to the controlling groups and old ways. The Child I am laughs in the uninhibited delight of Life, filled with the boundless beauty that thrives in this Immeasurable sanctity of our Changeless Reality. I am dazzled by the brilliance of this wild flower world that grows right here in this holy Heart.


  1. 4-30-2021

    “…dazzled by the brilliance…”
    I like your flower fairies.

    • 5-4-2021

      Awww thank you Walter – Always so sweet to see you here shining your kind and beautiful Light.