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The Meadow – by Sandy Jones

Enlightenment, Illumination, Christ-Consciousness, Understanding, Self-Realization – all the same thing; Knowing and Living the Balance. The Balance is the Third point that shows-up on journey to Self discovery. Do you remember how wonderful it was when you were a little kid and you learned to ride your bike? That exquisite moment when you felt that sweet sense of balance. That was it, oh yes, you knew it. Once you felt it, you kept going and It became all yours. Well, that is what we are looking for here, and calling it all kinds of things, but really It’s this Centered, Middle Way, the Divine Balance, the Third piece to our puzzle, turns out to be our discovery of the holy Child, the Authentic One, Divine Balance. When you find It, you will know It and It will be yours. The Balance is within. You will, without a doubt, know It when you feel It. And when It is all yours, nothing can stop you from Living It. Our Joy is unbound, and like that little child who learned to ride the bike, we know that we Know. So Life’s challenges are no longer a worry, we know how to get through, the Balance is ours. It’s the Light, the Truth and the Way. It is the holy Child, our Inner Guide, a Mind of our own, the Leader within us, trust worthy, here, always with us. We uncover our Real Identity, we find our Self, return to the holy Child. This is It, the Living the Balance, your Unobstructed Spirit, Living, ever-ongoing Illumined Joy.


  1. 2-16-2021

    Hi Sandy,
    A striking metaphor: memory from childhood of finding balance riding a bicycle for the first time …
    Love it !!!!!


    • 2-22-2021

      So happy you connected with that one. It really feels like such a powerful metaphor. We all know what that feels like when we start feel that balance – and for me, this Realization of this Living holy Child of ourself, feels much like that – we know it when we find it and there is no doubt. And once we know, we can live It fully, we are not afraid, because It is ours, forever ours – through all we do and all that happens – It really is wonderful – Thank you Walt – Smiles and Love to you 💕