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“Floral Panache” by Sandy Jones

Foundations built upon the instability of fiction, eventually crumble, and the Truth becomes known. The beliefs and dreams predicated on the false assumption-accepted-as-truth, is on a collision course with Reality, Fact, Presence. The true government, the real president, the glorious messiah is right here, within you and me, it is our Original Nature. How much rattling and upheaval will it take to find and Live our divine heritage? Life is the Messianic presence. We are Living It. Life is not in matter. This joyful Self discovery dawns slowly, which is well and good – as it should be. The crunch is happening to the intellectual foundations. Intellectualism lashes at the tender heart that discloses the old man’s error. The intellect stands agog at the events he demands, unwittingly, his own self-fulfilling prophecy that shakes him from his foundation-of-false-beliefs. Not bad, but Good. The world events bring the old man to his knees, humbled, to recognize that Life is the Living Presence of God and God Only. Life is not in matter. Life is not in the body. Life is subjective, within the Self we are. Life is the Self-knowing Awareness we are. Nothing is external. It’s all within. Seeing honestly and clearly that this Presence of Life is All That Is, we discover we are this Living Freedom. We take It to heart and Live It, right here, right now. Living this Truth, we look around and see our world is transformed by the Light of this Inspired Love that is being All that we are.


  1. 1-24-2021

    Love Sandy, Nice – we see as one.
    Patching up the old
    in expectation of healing and renewal …

    – A long suffered illusion.
    The ‘old’ is crumbling,
    – on foundations of sand

    The dissolution of old,
    and habitual attachments
    – to an illusory identity

    In the light of Grace the veil lifts,
    and the words of a song like

    “Welcome to my world”
    vibrate joyously

    with every atom in manifestation …

    walt 🌈

    • 1-25-2021

      Ah yes, beautiful –