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The Christmas Season is more than the matter of a few days. Christmas is the Heart’s Season and the Heart is forever. Christmas is Love’s Season and Love is without end. Christmas is the season that belongs to children and there is no time when we are not children. What is meant by the Christmas Story of “the coming of the Christ”? The Christ is the Truth. The Truth is the Christ. Truth ‘comes’ as a dawning. The Christ is our discovery of the Truth we are. The yearned-for Messiah is none other than the here and now awareness awakened to the meaning of these words. Does not the Christ say, “I am the truth”? We declare without doubt or hesitation that we are the Presence of the living Comforter come to “set all things straight.” We take this Identity unto the Self and live it. We gird up the loins and live it.Somewhere along the line comes the truthful (Christ-full) discovery that we are not a finite body containing life, awareness, within it, but that we are awareness, Life, Love, containing all bodies within “us”. Reader, for me that awakening is the Christmas of the Christ-I-am—a pure and pristine Light out of a new day, immaculately conceived, untouched by the world—a holy Child born in a manger. But a child beset quickly by the intellectual Herod I fancied myself to be.The child we are survives, however. The child of Light “grows strong” and dares, with simple honesty and actions that coincide, to challenge the fiction for the fraud it is. – by William Samuel