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Personally, I would rather have my freedom than be safe. But, that’s because I know that Life is Infinite and All, our Spirit is unbound Joy and there is no reason to imprison ourselves to be ‘safe.’ Mostly, I don’t live in fear. I know what Love is and fear is the opposite of Love. Some think that hate is the opposite love, but the Love that I know is a joyful freedom from fear. We are Aware, Alive, Living here, right up close to Reality. We are the Life of God’s Infinite Mind being All That Is. We are Safe because we are Life Itself and Life is the Totality of Everything That Is. There is nothing that can ever harm this Life we are. We might appear to leave this world, slip out the back jack, but I know Life does not get old, or sick or die. This is the Living Joy I have found and It is the fearless freedom of My Heart and This sweet sweet Life, the Soul I am. I won’t tell anyone what to do, but I will profess my Love and let it be –


  1. 10-1-2020

    “profess my Love and let it be -”


    • 10-4-2020

      Yay!! This Joy It is, I That I am – and the Heart says Let It be – 💕