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“Dazzled” by Sandy Jones

Light is a magical mystery. Light doesn’t run low, nor need to be replenished. Light exists as all things. Light is not subject to time, light is ageless, it doesn’t grow old, it doesn’t die. The light we see today is the same light as a thousand years, ten thousand years, a billion years ago – the same imperishable light. Starlight at the edges the universe, the starlight the scientists measure is undiminished by time. And the light they see, is the light they be -now and forever- all that is. The infinite playful rays of dazzling light, create colors we can’t even see, but they exist. All of life exists as light. The Unseen Light of the Mind the God is seen by you and me – we are inseparable from that One and Only Mind. Light is Intelligence, Information – Awareness In-forms us that we are here, we exist. We are this Awareness, the Self-knowing experience the Divine Light, the Unseen, Immeasurable Light – seen as this world we are. We are here as the Light of God Itself. God being Its never-ending magic show of pink, red, orange, green, yellow and on and on into the glorious blue of Itself. We are the world we walk through. We are living the holy wonders of God in the process of Its unfolding Light of Self-Awareness, immediate, here, the Light of you and me – always and forever, single, only, all – uninterrupted… 


  1. 9-12-2020

    Greetings Sandy,
    Your topic here offers great potential for exploration.

    Last night was cold in St. Thomas, Canada (10 degrees Celsius-about 50 degrees Fahrenheit).

    “You are the light of the world” – a quote with several interpretations.

    One understanding is that “You” make the existence of the world possible.
    Another meaning suggests that one can be an uplifting example that changes the world (meaning others and how we experience the world).

    The word “light” in the common scriptural understanding is usually understood as referring to visible light. However, in the modern
    scientific sense, we understand visible light to be only a minute part of
    a vast electromagnetic spectrum which includes radio waves, x-rays, gamma rays and much more that is not seen.
    Have a look at the following site – a government science link –

    The entire electromagnetic spectrum is scientifically described in terms of “a stream of mass-less particles, called photons”. Ironically, assuming that they understand, most people usually relate photons to visible light only.

    Interestingly, you have entitled this piece “One and Only” pointing at the “Divine Light” and some past & recent science has suggested that there may be only ONE photon. To my limited understanding it is possible (only as far as certain thoughts might be accepted), that there is only ONE photon “speeding” about the universe thus manifesting omnipresence. This concept was first postulated about an electron, by a physics student of Richard Feynman, John Wheeler, in the spring of 1940 (One-electron Universe). This concept stemmed from the idea that the concept of “time” is making one particle appear to be many (i.e. previous appearances are summed up in memory as a multiplicity of particles instead of a multiplicity of appearances of the same particle [electron or photon]).

    All the above, just to ‘spice-up’ your day.
    It is still “One and Only”!
    Thank you Sandy.


    • 9-13-2020

      I love this – and yes, that is exactly how I feel it, know it to be – One Light, Unseen and Unknowable, except through ALL That Is and All that we are- both tangible and intangible – I love this sweet world so much- It really is ALL God’s Light, every total bit of it – amazing Joy – thank you walt, this is just so nicely clarified, confirming what is always here in our Heart – One Photo, One and Only – yes and I love love love that – Yes, yes, That is It exactly -Joy to the World