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Oh, speaking of coffee, what could be better than a favorite red cup, the espresso machine on, with the door open to the garden and feeling the cool morning air. It has been said “The kingdom of heaven is spread out over the earth, and people do not see it.” – but with a change of heart they do, they do – and then along comes Elton John playing his tune in my mind – piano and all – singing Tiny Dancer –
But oh how it feels so real
Lying here with no one near
Only you and you can hear me
When I say softly, slowly
Hold me closer, tiny dancer-
I breathe in the beauty and am swept up, taken by the heart of Knowing. I trust this sparkling Beauty that shines here, it’s in my eyes, this gleaming, incandescent Love shines as all that I see. The holy Child is here with me, she is my Soul, she is the celebration of God’s limitless Light. She has no fear, she is the sweet freedom of Love. This divine Child, the Light of Life which has no beginning and Lives forever new, fresh, alive as this very instant, here I am


  1. 9-4-2020

    Greetings Dear Sandy,
    Here I sit, sipping my coffee,
    Enjoying the joy of your expression-
    Being the very moment of joy itself.
    Love …

    • 9-4-2020

      Dear Walt, I am so happy that you stop by to read my untamed expressions that pour from this lovely wellspring that continues to flow with me, take me, be with me – here in my heart -and that you stop by and like what you find – how beautiful this amazing magical world is – thank you for the love, sharing a moment, enjoying our coffee together – 💕