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Sometimes we have these very vivid dreams. Life changing dreams. A mystical door opens to another realm, another dimension, bringing a significant and powerful message, something good and true. One time I had this dream where I entered the lobby of a very elegant hotel, something like the Drake or the Fairmont. On the front desk was a sign that read “Lost and Found” – I walked up and asked if they had found what I was looking for. I said it was very valuable and I was not sure what it was or when, exactly, it had gotten lost. The man behind the desk said yes, someone had found it and it was there for me. He went into another room, then he came back with a box of random, miscellaneous things, lost items – he told me to look through the things and see if It was there. Oh my, yes it was there. It was! Finding It was like a holy reunion. I was profoundly moved and grateful. In the morning, I knew I had taken a mystical trip to somewhere wonderful. I knew it was a real place. I suspect anyone can go to the Lost and Found. All our favorite beloved things are there, waiting for us. Whatever the sweet treasures that somehow vanished on our journey through time, they are still here in this Magical Timeless Place of Dreams.


  1. 9-7-2020

    Roy Orbison —

    I close my eyes, then I drift away
    Into the magic night, I softly say
    A silent prayer like dreamers do
    Then I fall asleep to dreams, my dreams of you

    In dreams I walk with you, in dreams I talk to you

    Only in dreams, in beautiful dreams


    • 9-8-2020

      We were both in tune with the magic of that song, I heard it too – great song. It came playing in my mind when I wrote that little story – and you heard it – I love that song and Roy Orbison always wins my heart – thank you for sharing that song – It is a very tender wonderful song – 💕