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From the depth of this Infinity within, I look out upon my world to see the glory of this transient beauty, the marvelous display of ephemeral matter, uniquely defined with details abounding distinctions in form. It is all nothing but the evanescent appearing from the Immeasurable Changeless Light of the Supernal Magician. A world, right here, rich and unique, this passing fancy of shimmering performance of Wonder presented by these exquisite, but quickly vanishing marvels. The colors shine with light, informing the world in words in sounds that touch and harmonize, moving us with sensations of Love’s Everlasting Reality. Senses awakened, alive with visions, seeing fresh and new this world of ever so much more. Sunshine is soon to break through the early morning mist. Evidence made plain as the bright warmth of happiness is revealed in blue sky and golden rays arriving right on time. This world of Living Love is so obvious when we feel It’s splendorous, sensuous touch. It is the other way, we turn around and It comes back to us as this Divine Lover’s Heavenly Wonder, beyond any doubt. Our heart restored with fresh, sweet Beauty, like the feeling after it rains. It’s unending Light, pristine and unchanged by time, It is ours, here, now, even longer than the stars will shine- And we are the Light of this Forever – Oh yes – It is, you know –


  1. 8-12-2020

    Love it!
    Can feel it in a way that cannot be described.
    Not giving too much attention to the words, an undercurrent, a movement is felt.
    A gossamer-like rendition whispering in the silence.


    • 8-13-2020

      Oh Walt, what a lovely thing to say. That is very much how I do want to communicate. It’s not in the words, but in the undercurrent, feeling the deep movement, the warm and gentle whisper of knowing – 💕