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Life is not something we have, Life is being all that is. We do not experience Life, Life is experiencing Itself as you and me. This experience is being this Life we are. Life is Self-awareness. Life is far beyond what we have been educated to think it is. We can see it all with the spirit of Wonder, knowing this whole experience is the expansive Infinite holy Light of our Self. We rediscover our authentic Beauty and awaken to see first hand that we exist because we are the Light of Life and That Light is Illimitable and Real. Our Real Identity is above all comparison. From this clarity of knowing who we are, all fears fall away. We are free, we know that Life is the Presence of Love, holy and sublime, always Here. This realization enables us to Live fully in Love with this divine Self we are. Feeling, knowing and living this joyful Love, we come alive again, like a little child, carefree, unconcerned, comforted and beautiful. Being fully aware of our divine heritage, no one can intimidate or subjugate us. We are no longer give power to external things, linear time and matter. True to ourself, we live in the Joy of this wild wonderful, ever so beautiful, magical, non-stop Light of Love.


  1. 8-6-2020

    Nicely assembled Sandy.

    • 8-7-2020

      Thank you Walt – 💕