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Happiness won’t be found in any political system, left or right. True happiness will be found when we rediscover our Real Identity and It’s childlike wonder, playfully in love with the world – and as we do, we heal our world. That’s how we do it. It happens when we live one to One, self to Self, up close to Life, feeling the Presence of God’s Being. Returning to the holy Child we become free, fearless, open, vulnerable and understanding. That little boy, the little girl you used to be, that’s You, It is your eternal Soul and It didn’t go away. That Child is holy, unharmed by time’s events in the world. The best teachers and saints tell us to become as a little child – and that is how we enter the kingdom. And the kingdom is spread over the face of the earth, but men can’t see it The Child sees it. The Child Lives It, uninhibited, and daring, in tune, dancing to the rhythm of Love’s Divine Existence. In the precious Light of this holy moment, the Child returns to us, free from the clutter of time and the “old man’s” restricting doctrines and fear based conditioning. Interesting to note that we were all children once. That little girl, that little boy is still here, your Real Self waiting to be rediscovered, ready to bring you all the delights and wonder of your own, unbound innocence. Your uplifted heart, lifts up the world.


  1. 7-21-2020

    Dear Sandy,
    Once again you’ve captured it in a “nut shell”.
    It reminds me of quote about a Linux computer
    command: “Less is more”… hahahaha
    love & joy,

    • 7-26-2020

      Awww so nice, thank you Walt- True, less is more and how exquisite the holiness of living this pure, pristine simplicity of who we are – 💕