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Now we live this unbound Identity, Reality Itself and we become wise as serpents and as innocent as doves. All the sorrows and burdens vanish into the mystery as gently as the day moves into evening light. We find and live our Real identity and we are transformed. We know this individual, gracious beauty of our Eternal Soul, transcends time and matter. Any guilt or blame we might carry, has no authority – none at all – we let it go. We have discovered this Immutable Identity, unchanged by whatever happens in this world. This Identity is the Child and It is uniquely ours from the beginning. Ten billion light years and not one jot of our Real Self has ever been subject to time or death. The Child, this Soul of ours, is forever fresh, alive, sensitive, responsive – knowing how to live in the world. There is a grand and marvelous freedom in realizing the powerlessness of things. This eternal Child-Identity we are delights in the sweet wonders of Life, living from the heart of this Self-knowing Light. We test Its veracity and It proves Itself to us. We are the world of living magic transpiring within us. This is the way of a powerful Love that is Real. The Love that is our own divine and glorious liberty within ourself. We know what we have found, and we run with it.


  1. 6-11-2020

    Greetings Sandy,
    Yes – “this unbound identity”.

    “Ten billion light years
    and not one jot of our Real Self has ever been subject to time or death.”

    I was wondering if you meant to speak of distance,
    time and death in this sentence, ——–
    or if you thought that “Ten billion light years” is a reference to time?
    The term, “light year” has always appealed to me. Why? Now I know.
    A ‘light year’ is an extremely large scale of distance measurement.
    It is the distance that one would travel in one year
    if one were moving at the speed of light
    (which is about 186,000 miles per second
    – which is close to 671 million miles per hour).

    Thus, the distance to the nearest star Proxima Centauri
    from our star sol, is quoted by astronomers as about 4.22 light years.
    A space ship would have to travel at about
    2,683 miles per hour for just over 4 years
    to reach our nearest stellar neighbour.

    I didn’t know about light years until I joined the astronomy club
    when I was in high school – about 57 years ago.
    Then I studied astronomy for a couple of years at the university.
    There has always been a persistent attraction to the vastness of the universe and it has led me to where I had never left to begin with.


    • 6-11-2020

      Yes, right here always- My 10 billion light years was a way of saying Infinite and Endless, spaceless and Always Present -and you said it beautifully – thank you – Life is such a glorious Mystery of Light- Many astrophysicists are arriving at Seeing This Being and Feeling the Presence of God as the Wonder of this Universe. They eventually come to realize they are measuring the Infinite Holiness of there very Self, the Living All that they are and All That Is –