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There is only one Reality and It is God Itself. God is being All that Is. This tangible world of appearances is God’s Light being experienced as you and me. This Light of God’s Awareness is Eternal and It is untouched and unharmed by whatever happens to the tangible things, the images within God’s Awareness. The Ineffable Nameless One is being the Light of Awareness that glimmers all things. There is nothing outside of this profound existence of One Infinite Divine Mind. We are God’s Awareness. God is Total, Infinite and All. We are living the Presence of this Divine Being at all times. The Existence we are exists because God Is the Only One Here. Theory, invention, imagination, wondering, thinking, exploring, all that we do and all that we are is because there is this Unknowable Something Being All That Is. To sail to the edge of these things that are inexplicable is to love and is to live and feel this Wonder of God. We are immersed in the sweet dreams and the ten thousand things of amazement. When we understand who and what Is, we find our Heart and Soul again, to live as the boundless, uninhibited Child of God. And then we see our whole world becomes heaven on earth.


  1. 6-14-2020

    ^&(*@#+! being all that is!
    Wonderfully put together Sandy.


    • 6-14-2020

      Well, that’s wonderful to know – words, uplifting and sailing easy, they have been most dear to me in my life, keeping my little boat steady and afloat on this wild sea of Love.