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Some big waves coming in off the jetty. Waiting out there, the surf rolling in with glassy perfection, catching that sweet one just right, feeling the joy as it takes me all the way to shore. My spirit is imbued with those exquisite days of fearless freedom. How beautiful the memories of living unbound, unrestricted, feeling the sun, the sand, skin, the salty cold water, the bliss of simply being. The little girl, not a worry in the world, unsupervised, life in her own hands. Not knowing it then, but the divine gift is all hers. The miracle is that she is still here, she is the very essence of my soul. She has returned to me, come alive again, her carefree, pristine beauty lives within my Heart. This time knowing the divine gift this is. I am this holy Child – the Eternal Child that Lives within us all. 💕


  1. 6-24-2020

    Concise and powerful!

    • 6-25-2020

      Thank you Walt- That’s beautiful – I love being ‘concise and powerful’ that makes me happy – 😁