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Makes me always think of unfettered love. Love is timeless, which means I am unbound and free. As a child I had the sweet pleasure of growing up at the beach. When there were big waves at the Wedge, it would break inside the jetty. Big surf was always very exciting. We’d watch the waves rolling in along the jetty, challenging our surfer boy friends to paddle out and catch a few good rides off the end. Fun to watch their skills and bravado. Which, as I say, reminds me of Love. Love isn’t subject to man-made rules and laws. Love cannot be held captive. It’s unpossessed and yet it is always here. I do best living wide open to this unrestricted Love that Life is. I’m moving with something fresh, alive and new. The days are filled with this Divine Beauty of God- the Beauty we are – this sea of love we are. You gotta live it all like catching waves of ever-changing infinity. Living as this credulous Child-Identity-is infinitely perfect and perfectly infinite. Nothing is outside this Awareness. Certainly no one is separate nor apart from the consciousness that perceives. Best to live with the heart open to the sweet surprises. Life is the creative power of love, the unrestricted goodness pouring itself into everywhere – and here it is, yes, it is here, just like is


  1. 5-13-2020

    Hi Sandy, thank you,-

    ‘Love cannot be held captive.’


    ‘It’s unpossessed and yet it is always here.’


    Amazing, I love this— ‘You gotta live it all like catching waves of ever-changing infinity.’


    * * *

    There’s always tomorrow

    What, right now, out here in the middle of the street.

    Yes, why not, and take your blindfold off,-have some adventurous spirit,-like the freedom of a bird.

    Will it be safe.

    I challenge you to find out,-go on,-be a little daring.

    Perhaps I should wait for more favorable conditions.

    Oh well.

    Maybe, tomorrow, yes … yes… see you … see you … there’s always tomorrow.

    Is there.

    • 5-14-2020

      Sweet, yes, thank you too. and how beautiful that no one can ‘quarantine’ this Holy Spirit we are. We find our Inner Youthful Beauty and Live from That Place beyond time and space. Yes, It’s Here, always Here. Challenges await to see the Child’s wondrous ways.