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“Blue Vase” by Sandy Jones

We are the Light that was never born and never dies. We find this Child, the One we were before the world was. We are touching the edges of this All-Inclusive Joy, right here and right now. We know we are Something More, Something Timeless and Divine. The Child is our eternal Self, unbound from this world of time and matter. As the Child we know what is Real and what is not – living the two as One. We have come Home to ourself. This recognition sets us free to explore the Infinite meadows and new vistas of our own exquisite Heart of Divine Intelligence. The Child you are is real, it is your divine heritage, original blueprint, the pristine, authentic unconditioned Self. Living the freedom and unbound Joy that comes with this change of Heart, the world is understood and Love shows us the way.


  1. 5-6-2020

    I love this, Sandy, thank you— ‘We are touching the edges of this All-Inclusive Joy, right here and right now.’ 💗

    * * *

    Eternal Moment

    Losing myself in a dream of wild, impossible things
    a sigh comes from the very depths of my being
    come near, she calls

    lying on the sand, turning my face
    toward her and feel her oceans’
    lingering kiss upon my lips.

    • 5-7-2020

      It’s right here, feeling This Divine Presence as the very Presence of Life, we are touching God, everyone of us, whether we care or know or not- It remains right here being ALL That Is and All That We Are – <3