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My mother had a brilliant mind, she was extremely intelligent, she was also very anxious and uneasy – and she was so very beautiful in all ways. She loved to dance and sing, she was like a lovely bird caught in a cage. She was an avid reader, going to the library for more books was one of her favorite things to do. So, when I was very young, she would take me with her. And I loved it. I would sit in the children’s book section and look at all the intriguing and delectable offerings on the shelves. Then I’d gather a little stack of my choices to take home to read. That library had a special feeling, being in a charming old adobe casita, each tiny room full of books, the musty smell, the wooden floors, the hushed quiet stillness. The entire experience remains, still touching all my senses. How dear these sweet memories of childhood. Among my favorite books was “The Little Prince” by “Antoine de Saint-Exupery “For true love is inexhaustible; the more you give, the more you have. And if you go to draw at the true fountainhead, the more water you draw, the more abundant is its flow.” Now I see the Real depth of this, the Living Truth. It is so. We can find this Real Fountainhead. It’s within us – and I know It goes with us when we leave this world behind. It is very simple. Love is boundless and It is the unfettered Soul of our Self, this Soul of Life that is the Eternal Wellspring of God being All That Is.


  1. 5-6-2020

    Absolutely, beautiful, Sandy, thank you.

    And I love your latest video,-perfect.


    • 5-7-2020

      So very happy you liked that one. I have fun with those but I do have a “wandering puppy mind” and I forget where I was going haha, but I doubt if I ever really know where I’m going – at least no matter where I wander I know I Am Always Here – I’ll see if I get some time to do another one soon – 💕